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Drive and Kick Podcast: SB Nation Draft Breakdown with DraftExpress

If you want some draft information from one of the best, listen to this 45-minute conversation with DraftExpress lead scout Jonathon Givony.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Spo

Wanting to hear more on the 2014 NBA Draft? Set aside 45 minutes for SB Nation's Drive and Kick Podcast. You can find the video, a link to subscribe to the Drive and Kick Podcast, and a summary provided by host Paul Flannery HERE.

Jonathon Givony of DraftExpress provides the most reliable and accurate information on NBA prospects on the web. His expertise is best found in not pretending to know everything. We have referenced his 2014 NBA Mock Draft in several reports, but keep in mind that his mock does not take team need in consideration until the draft gets closer. Currently, he projects the Hawks selecting PF/C Clint Capela with the 15th selection. Peachtree Hoops analysis of Capela can be found here: 2014 Draft Profile of Clint Capela.

Highlights of the Podcast from a scouting perspective:

  • Feeling upset that the Hawks have not tanked to get a lottery ball? Givony does not feel there is a "game-changer" in this draft. There are 6 players viewed at the top (Embiid, Parker, Wiggins, Randle, Exum, Smart), but most general managers are not buying in on 1 or more of those.
  • Great analysis of how difficult it is to translate college statistics to professional success. Primary reasons being small sample size of short-term players and how much circumstances vary. Statistics that show deficiencies tend to be more predictable than those highlighting strengths--particularly relevant for this week's draft analysis of Doug McDermott.
  • Do players develop better in college or the NBA? Well, it depends. If a player is able to stay mostly on NBA roster than Givony finds that to be the best rate of development. However, the "D" in D-League is not really meaningful for development. With inconsistent practice sessions, no nutritional guidance, and uneven support, players are better off being in college programs where those things are provided. That could change in the future.

If Givony's analysis is correct, the Hawks are much better off having prospects spend time developing on an NBA bench without playing time than long stretches of time playing in the D-League. I would have enjoyed hearing what Givony things about development in Europe versus the college system. He clearly favors stashing players in Europe to the D-League, but the comparison to college is unclear. All good things to keep in mind as the Hawks get ready to pick this summer. Without control over a D-League affiliate and several young assets, it may be difficult to take a player with a great deal of potential who is not willing to go to Europe or able to provide a role on the NBA roster.