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Hawks visit United States Holocaust Museum

Hawks meet with Bruce Levenson's mother-in-law, a concentration camp survivor.

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Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

While Atlanta was in D.C. last week to take on the Wizards, the Hawks took a detour to the United States Holocaust Museum in the heart of the capital. USA Today wrote a lovely piece about how it touched members of the team. Here's just a snippet of it:

Elton Brand leaned in, rapt with attention, as the tour guide at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum explained the rise of Nazi Germany.

"What did the opposition party do?" the Atlanta Hawks power forward asked, full of questions. Later, the guide asked a group of Hawks players about whom Nazi leaders had given significant support. Forward DeMarre Carroll correctly answered "teachers," because of their influence on young minds.

One of the most interesting things about the story is that Bruce Levenson, the Hawks' co-owner, was there with his mother-in-law, Irene Boyarsky, a concentration camp survivor. Levenson and a business partner help fund the youth outreach program for the museum, so the Hawks benefited from that partnership.

Hawks legend and executive Dominique Wilkins meets Irene Boyarsky, a concentration camp survivor and the mother-in-law of Hawks co-owner Bruce Levenson. Via USA Today, via United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Al Horford made the trip and said, "It was a chance to go more in-depth. You learn about the Holocaust in school, and I love history. I've read a lot about it. But being able to go through museum — it's so well thought-out — I was able to learn so much. I didn't expect that powerful images, and I was captivated by the people I met who survived."

Be sure to read the full article over at USA Today. I've visited the museum before and the Hawks' comments totally captured the feelings of being there.