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NBA Power Rankings: Hawks Holding On

Another week has passed and we have another power rankings. Let's see where the Hawks are ranked this week across the nation.

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Last week we saw the Hawks small winning streak come to an end after a loss to the Pelicans. Thanks to how bad the East is, the Hawks still are in control of their chances for the playoffs. Anyway let's get started and see where the Hawks are ranked in this weeks power rankings.

First on the list Jason Patt of drops the Hawks to #19.

The Hawks squandered two major opportunities to possibly bury the Knicks, blowing fourth-quarter leads against both the Pelicans and Raptors. Atlanta is still three games ahead of New York in the standings, but it could be five.

Next USA Today also keeps the Hawks at #19 and realizes the value of an injured player.

If nothing else, these struggles have reinforced the value of always-underrated Al Horford.

John Schuhmann of realize that we miss Korver as he drops the Hawks to #21

Kyle Korver got back spasms, the Hawks' offense struggled without him, and a five-game winning streak (which was looking pretty good after wins over the Bobcats and Raptors) turned into two straight losses. With four tough games this week, they could be looking at another extended losing streak, but they still have an easier remaining schedule (nine home games vs. four) than New York.

Jimmy Spencer of makes his best college hoops reference as he puts the Hawks at #18.

Well, since it’s March Madness time: The Hawks appear the likely 16th seed ready to be feasted on by the No. 1 seed of either Indy or Miami. Too bad it's so tough to be a Cinderella in a seven-game series.

Matt Moore of surprisingly puts the Hawks at #15 and actually makes a very good statement.

Right now their best weapon for making the playoffs is the fact that the Knicks are the Knicks.

Marc J. Spears of Yahoo Sports puts the Hawks at #18 mentions how we still have an advantage in the playoff race.

The East's eighth-seeded Hawks have dropped two straight games, but still own a three-game lead over the ninth-place Knicks.

Kurt Helin of puts the Hawks at #14, yes #14 and also mentions how we are in control for the last playoff spot.

They have a three game cushion over the Knicks and are four up in the loss column, but this week’s Hawks schedule should give the Knicks some hope — Suns, at Timberwolves, Trail Blazers, at Wizards. If the Hawks can just go 2-2 it likely is asking too much for New York to catch up.

Matt Dollinger of makes mention of our 4th quarter woes the last couple of games.

The Hawks followed a surprising five-game winning streak by blowing fourth-quarter leads in their last two games. Atlanta gave up 42 points to the Pelicans in the final period and were outscored by 21 (36-15) against the Raptors.

Finally, Marc Stein of places the Hawks at #20 and he also notices what happens when Atlanta is missing everyone's favorite sharpshooter.

Their ever-shrinking lead over the Knicks was nearly sliced to two games before the first down day of the Phil Jackson Era saw New York blow a 15-point lead at home to Cleveland. The Hawks, though, are coping with yet another man down thanks to sharpshooter Kyle Korver's back woes.

Well that does it for this week in the rankings and the overall thought is that the Hawks are still in control of the last playoff spot. It's interesting to see that some of the rankings are kind of high while others are somewhat low. Anyway let me know what you guys think in the comments. Are we too low and do you expect us to move up? Let me know!