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NBA Power Rankings: Hawks Stop the Slide

Let's see where the Hawks are ranked across the nation in this week's power ranking.

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Hold everything, I think the Hawks made it through a week with multiple wins. Well this is great since the Hawks still look to be in the playoff chase and actually slightly going up in the rankings by getting out of the twenties. So without waiting any longer, let's get on with the rankings.

Jason Patt of moves the Hawks up to #19 and praises the record-setting Kyle Korver.

The Hawks have momentarily stopped their slide, winning three games in a row. Kyle Korver has made 14 of his last 16 three-point attempts.

Matt Moore of moves the Hawks up to #18 after Atlanta stopped the slide.

Looks like they grabbed the rope to get out of the quicksand. But they need to get back on solid ground.

The writers at keeps the Hawks right at #19.

Digging deep because, even with Al Horford out for them, the playoffs remain the goal.

John Schuhmann of brings the Hawks to #22 but still thinks work needs to be done if the team were to make the playoffs.

Paul Millsap is doing his thing again and the Hawks have won three straight to stop the bleeding. But they still have some work to do to hold off the Knicks. Afterthis note about him having the best shooting season in 32 years, Kyle Korver shot 6-for-8 (4-for-4 from 3-point range) against Denver. When you have the best shooter in the world, great after-timeout plays like this one look even better.

Marc J Spears of Yahoo Sports also brings the Hawks to #18 and says we are holding the spot for the playoffs.

After losing 14 of the previous 15 games, Atlanta has showed fight in its hopes to land a playoff berth with three straight victories.

Marc Stein of also makes another mention of Korver and moves the Hawks to #20.

It's not exactly Kyle Korver-esque, but the Hawks' three-game win streak, after a 1-14 nosedive, has provided some much-needed playoff insulation now that the Knicks are inexplicably hot. Atlanta's trying, despite all those injuries, to extend its playoff streak to seven straight seasons.

Finally, Kurt Helin of notices the Hawks have somehow won three straight and moves the Hawks up to #19.

They have won three in a row with the Knicks suddenly closing some ground. The question is were these wins a mirage or has Atlanta stopped the collapse. Games this week against Charlotte, Toronto (home and home) and Pelicans are the kinds of games where they need to get wins to hold off the Knicks.

Well that does it for the rankings this week. It seems the writers think that the Hawks have stopped the bleeding by managing to put a few wins together. Well whether or not you want the Hawks to tank or not, we are going to want to keep an eye on the Knicks and where they are in the rankings. So far the Hawks look good by keeping control of the final playoff spot, but this is something that we want keep an eye on in the next few weeks. Anyway let me know what you guys think of the rankings in the comments and hopefully next week we will get most of the rankings in the mid-to-high teens.