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Kyle Korver having a historically good shooting season's John Schuhmann puts Kye Korver's spectacular shooting season into perspective.

Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Kyle Korver's record three-point streak came to an end earlier this month but he is still enjoying a rather historic season as a shooter.'s John Schuhmann outlines Korver's season:

Korver, who led the league in effective field goal percentage at 61.8 percent last season, again led the league at 62.8 percent before the All-Star break. And since the break, he's been one of the league's most-improved shooters.

Since the All-Star break, Korver's eFG percentage is 70.9 percent. His season's eFG percentage is now up to 64.5 which puts him in select company.

For the season, Korver has an effective field goal percentage of 64.5 percent, a mark which ranks as the best shooting season of the last 32 years. His standard field goal percentage is below 50 percent and he's not having the best 3-point shooting season of all-time (he holds the record of 53.6 percent in 2009-10), but because such a large portion of his shots have been 3s, his shots have been worth more (1.29 points per shot) than those of any player in NBA history not named Chamberlain or Gilmore.

Korver's 64.5 percent would be the sixth-best total of all time. The five better numbers in front of him were all recorded by Wilt Chamberlain or Artis Gilmore who were centers and did the majority, if not all, of their damage in the paint.

Incidentally Korver has the ninth best improvement in eFG percentage since the All-Star break. His teammate Jeff Teague is 10th with an eight percent gain.