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Grizzlies vs Hawks video highlights, Twitter reaction and the Roll Call

Video Highlights and Twitter reaction along with the Peachtree Hoops game thread roll call.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Not a lot to look at in this one but there were a few highlights. Don't forget to submit your favorite play of the week on Monday for the Crown Reign On Play of the Week

#KorverStreak now at 118 games

Millsap steal and dunk

Jeff Teague with the steal and nice pass to DeMarre Carroll

Twitter Reaction

Peachtree Hoops Game Thread Roll Call

# Commenter # Comments
1 Throw 62
2 crappybassist96 61
3 Guantanamo Geronimo 40
4 Mr. Ice 40
5 Nique Fan 36
6 HawkNestMonster 18
7 a hooter's baby 17
8 David Estes 15
9 RedRev 14
10 Jeff_H 9
11 FreshSmith 6
12 Windmill Philips 4
13 zmuscat 2
14 northcyde 1
15 Tyler! 1

We are going to the replay monitor to make sure Throw didn't pad a couple of comments after the fact.