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Take Over the Hawks Twitter

Join the legend of Hawks twitter by getting your own tweets featured on the big account!

Mike Lawrie

The Hawks have had a few fan takeovers on their official twitter this season, but they're offering something brand new for tonight's game against the Pelicans.

Atlanta is putting their twitter coverage of the game entirely in the fans' hands. You just have to use the hashtag #HawksFanTakeover in your tweet, and the Hawks will be checking the tag and retweeting it from the official account.

The Hawks are known for their always interesting, often hilarious twitter (see: examples one, two and three), so the key here is to be creative. They discourage flat out negativity, but the account is always up for poking some good-natured fun at the opponents.

I expect to see lots of #EvenTheHawks and Trillsap references and other hilarity. More information can be found here.