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The Crown Royal Reign On Play of the Week!

Three straight weeks, three awesome rounds of nominations. Who won this week? What was the Crown Royal Reign On Play of the Week?

Coach Bud can't believe what we chose for the Crown Royal Reign On Play of the Week.
Coach Bud can't believe what we chose for the Crown Royal Reign On Play of the Week.
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports


It was quite the week for Hawks highlights, but you are the bravest, most inspiring community ever. You parsed the excellence and came through.

We almost went with the Mike Scott self alley-oop, due to the sneaky showboating that Volume Shooter Mike Scott displayed on the play.

In fact, when I was watching the game with my dad, we paused and rolled it back in slo-mo to make sure he intended to do that and didn't just lose it in mid-air, which would have been cool, too.

Sure enough, there VSMS was, tossing the ball to himself like he was playing one-on-none in the shallow end of swimming pool basketball and then slamming it home.

Pretty stealth, eh? Well, NOT GOOD ENOUGH!

No, our winner this week comes to us from the nominating prowess of the so-called David Estes, which is not to be confused with the 70's band Heatwave.

David weathered the odds and put forth the winner. Oh sure, he hedged a bit when someone brought up the series of gotchas that Kyle Korver leveled against the Minnesota Timberwolves, but he made sure we knew that, in his heart, his nomination was still in play.

Here is the aforementioned comment:


If allowed, I agree. If not, Ayon hook. Let that soak in for a bit, folks. Yes.

Ok, what Ayon hook, the unwashed masses may ask? Oh, please, don't act like you don't know. We're talking about the game-clinching, second chance making, bailed the Hawks out of a rudderless set act of authority by the one and only Gustavo Ayon.

Ayon never hesitated, never doubted. He simply put the Hawks on his back and drove them to the finish line. Sure, it was his only basket of the night, but what a basket it was.


Congrats, David Estes, if that's your real name. You are this week's winner for the Crown Royal Reign On Play of the Week! Put it on your resume, call your family and share the news. Things like this don't happen every day.

They happen every week.

See you next week!