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NBA Trade Rumors: Evan Turner and the Atlanta Hawks

The Philadelphia 76ers are reportedly stepping up efforts to trade swingman Evan Turner and one report suggests that the Atlanta Hawks are one of the teams that are intrigued.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

With the NBA Trade Deadline just a couple of weeks away, we can expect to see an increase in trade rumors across the league. One such rumor suggests that the Philadelphia 76ers are stepping up their efforts to move free agent to be Evan Turner. This report, from Fox Sports Ohio's Sam Amico, lists the Atlanta Hawks as teams that are "intrigued" by Turner.

Philadelphia has "stepped up" efforts to trade swingman Evan Turner, according to a report by As FOX Sports Ohio reported early in the season, the 76ers are also very open to moving forward Thaddeus Young and center Spencer Hawes. The Suns, Los Angeles Clippers and Atlanta Hawks are all especially intrigued, according to FSO sources.

A couple of thoughts here about Turner and the Sixers. First, Philadelphia no doubt would like to move Turner, especially if they could obtain something of value along with improving their tank chances in the process. The problem is they are reportedly asking for a 2014 first round pick for Turner and that is a steep price for a player that will be a restricted free agent at the end of the season and is currently having a career-best season.

I wouldn't expect to see any team near the lottery giving up a draft pick for Turner unless that team has multiple picks already. Even those teams picking late might determine that waiting until the summer might be the best course of action that is unless they see him as the missing piece.

It's natural that the Hawks are going to come up in a lot of discussions this month. Turner rumors are everywhere but Amico's report is the only one I have found that lists Atlanta. The Hawks have a roster full of movable contracts as well as a sizable disabled player exception at their disposal. However, as has been the case since Danny Ferry took over, don't expect them to make an upgrade for this season that would negatively impact the future.

The Sixers are also shopping Spencer Hawes and may or may not be shopping Thaddeus Young who would be interesting. Young is signed to an affordable deal through 2016 although the final season is a player option. Young would no doubt cost Atlanta its 2014 pick in addition to other players but it would be for a player that could fill a need for at least one more season. He however has played mostly at power forward the last couple of seasons and Atlanta's need is at small forward.

It's also quite possible that Philadelphia comes off some of their demands for Turner as the deadline approaches but it's hard to see Ferry giving up anything of value in return unless he sees Turner as a player who can be signed affordably this summer and is an important part of the future going forward.

One thing is certain. We can expect a lot more of these reports the closer we get to February 20th.