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NBA Power Ranking: Hawks Hold Steady After All-Star Announcement

The Hawks' only loss of the week came from the scorching hot Thunder after a buzzer beater. Let's see where the Hawks rank after a relatively successful week.

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The X-Factor
The X-Factor
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Well the Hawks had a successful week in which wetheylost only one game that was on the road to a very hot Thunder team. In this same week we learned that Paul Millsap was selected to his very first All-Star Game. By all means despite the injuries that we have suffered, this team is doing well and will have their first power forward in a while representing Atlanta who is returning to his home state for this year's All-Star Game. So with all of this in mind, let's take a look at where the Hawks are ranked in this week's power ranking.

I will begin with Jason Patt of placing us at #13 and poking a little fun at all of the events from this past week.

The Hawks had quite the week. They nearly beat the Thunder before falling victim to Durant's ridiculousness. Then, a rare snow storm that featured THREE whole inches of snow basically shut down the city of Atlanta, forcing the Hawks' game against the to be postponed. The week wrapped up with a win over the Timberwolves despite 43 and 19 from Kevin Love.

Matt Dollinger of also puts the Hawks at #13 while mentioning what the team has overcome in the past couple of years.

Despite the departure of Joe Johnson, Josh Smith and now Al Horford due to injury, the Hawks are right where they always are: the upper-middle class of the Eastern Conference. Atlanta is 9-8 since losing Horford to a season-ending pectoral injury.

Jimmy Spencer of gives us more Coach Bud love as he drops us to #16.

Credit Mike Budenholzer for holding things together in Atlanta after the loss of Al Horford. The Hawks went 16-13 with Horford and are now 7-8 in the 15 games without him. The team statistics for Atlanta have held somewhat steady, with similar averages in scoring and only a slight drop off defensively

John Schumann of moves the Hawks up to #12 and marvels at the greatness of Kyle Korver.

Five days before the Thunder's winning streak came to an end, the Hawks almost knocked 'em off at home, but shot 1-for-6 with a turnover down the stretch. Kyle Korver (24 points) was big in Saturday's win over the Wolves and his 3-point streak is now at 115 games, but he's just one of five Hawks who have shot better than 35 percent on 25 or more 3-point attempts over the last 10

Sam Moore of reminds us once more of All-Star Paul Millsap as he puts the Hawks at #13.

Paul Millsap, All-Star, has an awesome ring to it.

Marc J. Spears of Yahoo Sports moves the Hawks to #12 and realizes the perfect timing of Millsap making the All-Star team.

Paul Millsap's first All-Star selection is great timing. The game is in New Orleans, and he's an ex-Louisiana Tech star born in Monroe, La.

The guys over at are starting to catch up on the name "Trillsap" as they put the Hawks at #13. We should sue.

Let us hope they get to wear nickname jerseys next season, if only for Paul "Trillsap" Millsap.

Marc Stein of drops the Hawks to #16 but yet praises coach Bud on the wonderful job that he has done.

I know I praised him in this space last week plus a couple of times on Twitter as well, but it must be said again: Mike Budenholzer is relying heavily on the likes of Gustavo Ayon, DeMarre Carroll, Mike Scott and Shelvin Mack, and he still has the Al Horford-less Hawks in the East's top three.

Finally Kurt Helin of moves the Hawks to #13 while at the same time giving more love for the hard work that Paul Millsap puts in.

Paul Millsap is a welcome addition to the All-Star Game, voted in as a reserve by the coaches. To a degree before Al Horford went down and particularly after, Millsap has been the key to making the Hawks frontline work.

Well that does it for this week in the rankings. As we can see, the Hawks seem to find themselves in the #13 spot for most of the rankings. It is good to see that Atlanta is getting some attention for their coaching and because of the recent first time All-Star Paul Millsap. Anyway as always let me know what you guys think in the comments.