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Play of the Week Nominations

Time for the Crown Royal Reign On Play of the Week, where you pick the best play from the past week and achieve fame and infamy by being the winning nominator.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

First, there was emaster97. Then, ATL Bruno emerged to capture greatness. Now, it's your turn to nominate the Play of the Week, brought to you by Crown Royal's #ReignOn campaign.

Three good games to choose from this week -- the Monday heartbreaker to OKC and two winners against Philly and at home against the Timberwolves.

As always, the eager nominator and their winning highlight will be posted tomorrow, after review by our usual gaggle of experts on staff. We encourage original thought, although sometimes the obvious highlights need to be lauded, too.

Of course, we reserve the right to coin flip, cast lots or any form of random selection process as well. We are not above using psychics or even phony psychics to help us decide. We don't judge; we just deliver top flight plays of the week.

So grab for glory and become this week's winning nominee for the Crown Royal Reign On Play of the Week!