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Mike Muscala headed to Atlanta Hawks

Mike Muscala is on his way to the Atlanta Hawks after being bought out from his contract and is expected to join the team soon.

Done deal.
Done deal.
Michael Hickey

After we reported that the Atlanta Hawks reached out to Obradoiro about buying out Mike Muscala and bringing the Bucknell star to Atlanta to help the ailing frontcourt, a source close to the situation tells Peachtree Hoops that he is indeed going to be a Hawk, having been bought out of his contract and is expected to join the team shortly.

Muscala could come over and be bought out, unlike Lucas Nogueira, becuase he was a second round pick, our own hawksfanatic confirmed earlier. The Hawks had sent a required tender that secured his rights, even as Muscala missed the deadline to sign.

Muscala, as has been documented by Peachtree Hoops over the course of the season, has been a great surprise and Obradoiro has turned down multiple offers for him. However, it's reported that Muscala has an NBA clause in his contract that allowed for a buyout to occur.

Muscala's departure leaves Obradoiro without any big men but comes just in time to save the minutes on the Hawks front court, where Elton Brand has seen his minutes per game up to 30 over the last five games, a workload that has seen the veteran's efficiency drop.

Muscala is a solid 6'11 power forward, with a 7'1 wingspan and has rebounded very well both at Bucknell and with Obradoiro.

The timing of the signing is still in question. The Hawks have Dexter Pittman in the middle of a 10-day contract and the Hawks have back to back games and then three days off, so it may better suit all parties if the Hawks make use of Pittman and then sign on Muscala during the down time.

Peachtree Hoops has been the leader here and will continue to dig to bring the most detail into the story.