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Hawks reached out to Obradoiro about Mike Muscala, according to report

The Atlanta Hawks have reportedly reached out to Obradoiro regarding Mike Muscala.

Kevin C. Cox and at least one Spanish outlet is reporting that the Atlanta Hawks reached out to Obradoiro last week in regards to Mike Muscala.

There is a couple of scenarios to discuss here. First, the Hawks have been decimated by injuries and signed center Dexter Pittman to a 10-day contract over the weekend. There is a very real possibility that they took a look at second round pick Mike Muscala given that he could likely come in and receive some playing time.

There is also a possibility that Ferry and the Hawks called Obradoiro to check in on Muscala's progress and the report was taken out of context. That second scenario doesn't seem to be the case per the reports but it is worth mentioning.

To obtain Muscala the Hawks would have to secure some sort of buyout from Obradoiro. Given that the report also states that no offer is on the table, talks may not have ever got to that point.

The situation is worth keeping an eye on as the season comes down the stretch.