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Atlanta Hawks announce move to waive Jared Cunningham

Just before the team is set to take the court in Atlanta against the New York Knicks on Saturday night, the Atlanta Hawks have announced that they have requested waivers on Jared Cunningham.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

On Friday, the Atlanta Hawks recalled shooting guard Jared Cunningham from Bakersfield so that he could join the team for their game against the Detroit Pistons. Now, he is no longer a member of the team's roster.

According to an official release from the team, waivers have been requested on Cunningham as of Saturday evening. This is a bit of an unusual move for the Hawks on the surface, simply because of their lack of available bodies, but the 22-year-old shooting guard has only appeared in 5 games this season, and his skill set wasn't conducive of increased playing time in the near future.

Cunningham had a guaranteed contract for approximately $1.2 million for the season, leaving the Hawks in an interesting position given that he is due to paid regardless of whether he is on the roster. It is certainly possible that the two sides reached a buyout, but void of detail on that, we are left to speculate on the exact reasoning why he was let go.

Stay tuned for updates as they become available.