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NBA Trade Rumors: Knicks wanted Hawks to take Felton in Teague deal, says Marc Stein

The New York Knicks wanted Jeff Teague, but wanted to part with Raymond Felton to do it.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

According to the amazing Marc Stein (#eventhehawks), the Knicks have made any trade involving Iman Shumpert contingent on taking on the remainder of Raymond Felton's contract and, presumably, Felton himself. This also impacted any negotiation with the Hawks for Jeff Teague.

So says Stein on Twitter:

Per Sham Sports Felton is due 11.381 million dollars over the next three years, and has been producing just at or below replacement value in the PER category for his career.

According to the ESPN Trade Machine, the Hawks deal with the Knicks would have had to included Shumpert, Felton and a couple of others as displayed here.

It would take Felton, Shumper, Cole Aldrich and Beno Udrih to make the salaries work between the two teams.

We see now why the Teague talks didn't go to the Knicks because, as we discussed on the Bill Shanks show last week, the Knicks don't have the assets to make a deal, they don't have draft picks and they feel the need to tie a bad deal onto the one or two tradeable assets they do have.

Not a great time to be a Knick fan, or the Knicks coach. Sorry, Woody.