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NBA Trade Deadline: Hawks interested in Omer Asik, asking price too high's Ken Berger reports that the Houston Rockets are once again exploring options with center Omer Asik and as usual the Atlanta Hawks are one of the team's that comes up.

Scott Halleran

Omer Asik to the Atlanta Hawks is a rumor that has existed since last offseason and its still out there per a report by's Ken Berger who states that the Rockets are once again exploring possibilities with their disgruntled center.

The problem lies in that not much has changed for Houston who is still reportedly asking for a steep return for Asik. According to Berger's report the price is a first-round pick although if the Hawks made the deal then they would have to include players going back to make the salaries work. Its for that reason that Philadelphia has emerged as the favorite to land Asik due to the cap room the Sixers already possess.

Berger's report states that the "Hawks like him [Asik], but not at the Rockets current asking price."

Paul Millsap was a name that was previously mentioned in association with Asik but the Hawks aren't interested. Any team trading for Asik at the deadline would owe him approximately $17 million for just over 100 games of service.

The window for an Asik to Atlanta trade appears to have closed. It made the most sense over the summer when Atlanta could have done a sign and trade to send Josh Smith to the Rockets to play alongside his childhood friend Dwight Howard. Of course that came off the table as soon as Detroit brought an inflated offer to Smith in free agency.