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NBA Trade Rumors: Knicks inquired about Jeff Teague, lack assets to make deal's Ken Berger reports that the New York Knicks inquired about Atlanta's Jeff Teague but lack the assets necessary to make a deal.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Jeff Teague's name has appeared in a couple of different rumors over the last couple of days associated with the New York Knicks and their desire to upgrade their point guard position.'s Ken Berger reports that the Knicks did in fact inquire about Teague but lack the assets to make a deal happen.

Various reports included Teague in a potential three-way deal with the Knicks and the Toronto Raptors that would have also had Atlanta surrendering a first round draft pick. More on that in a minute. Also the Toronto Sun reports that the Hawks are "aggressively shopping" Teague.

A few thoughts here. The Hawks may in fact be shopping Teague around to gauge his value but there is no sense of urgency to deal him. The Knicks are the team that are desperate for an upgrade at the point guard position and have also pursued Toronto's Kyle Lowry. That is likely where the Toronto report ties in.

Grantland's Zach Lowe reported earlier that Danny Ferry wasn't satisfied with Teague's four-year deal but that doesn't mean that the Hawks are ready to fork over a first-round pick just to unload Teague.

Despite his recent struggles, Teague is not a problem in Atlanta and $8 million annually is not bad for a starting level point guard. Teague may not be an Atlanta uniform when his current deal expires and he could be dealt by Thursday's deadline but it would likely be on Atlanta's terms. Ferry was unwavering in his demands last season while trying to deal Josh Smith and elected to hang onto him at the deadline despite his free agent status. Don't expect anything to be different this time around.