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Hawks at All-Star Weekend: Day Three

Paul showed up and represented us well in the game, and Nique joined Twitter.

Christian Petersen

So the Hawks were excellently represented by Paul Millsap and hisplay last night , but before the game even more Hawks did Atlanta proud. Cheerleader Rose danced in Pharrell's delightful opening concert, while Philips Arena's own Sir Foster rocked the organ.

And during all the hubbub of the weekend, Hawks legend Dominique Wilkins took a break winning the Shooting Stars Challenge and judging the Slam Dunk Contest to join twitter. He hasn't disappointed.

But obviously Atlanta's star of the day was Paul. He was busy on game day, including being tended by All-Star Trainer, Atlanta's Wally Blase.

Thanks to Paul's contributions, the East won. I think the Hawks twitter put it best.