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The Play of the Week by Crown Royal's Reign On Campaign

Paul Millsap has brought happiness and joy to many NBA watchers in his still-young career. This week, he brought the Play of the Week.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

Paul Millsap can be defined many ways: hard working, versatile, undervalued. But this past week, in the city of New Orleans, he became judgement and he used his newly bestowed powers to rain down the thunder on a poor soul named Greg Stiemsma.


Yes. That happened.

And now, thanks to the nominating brilliance of a hooter's baby, it's now in the annals of Peachtree Hoops lore as The Crown Royal Reign On Play of the Week.

Now, lest there be any controversy regarding the selection process, allow the team here at Peachtree Hoops to bring you behind the curtains on this week's decision process, step by step.

Step 1: Announce the nomination.

Kris handled this for me and showed that I am essentially ballast on the good ship Peachtree Hoops.

Step 2: Check Twitter, Facebook and the site for nominations.

A time consuming process that puts thousands of good Atlantans, Atlantians, heck, ATLiens to work in these troubled, difficult times.

Votes and nominations are put into the super secret, proprietary Peachtree Hoops database, which crunches the nominations and assigns weight based on time posted, number of votes and uses of the letter q in each response.

Step 3: Lunch.

Because, hey, we need food, too.

Step 4: Dessert.

Don't judge us.

Step 5: Rip the teletyped response like Batman in the old, campy TV version of that show. Why not, it's where we got our computer from.

Step 6: Finalize the winner.

After the computer spits out the result, there is a thorough background check that occurs before we can name that user publicly. We check their history, aliases and whether or not they felt the Steve Smith for Jim Jackson and JR Rider trade was a good one.

a hooter's baby passed with flying colors.

Step 7: Write a post declaring the winner, laud the winner as awesomely awesome and start the whole process again next week.