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NBA Power Ranking: Hawks survive and stay in mid-teens

The Hawks have had a rough stretch and look to bounce back before the break. Let's see where the Hawks rank after the tough week.

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Yawn, if only he would dunk the ball
Yawn, if only he would dunk the ball
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Well it wasn't the greatest week to be a Hawk fan seeing as we are on a three game losing streak. In addition to the Hawks loss, many of us were left perplexed to the #ShelvinGate2014 situation and wonder if this is something that we need to look at in the future. Well before I go too far into the Hawks conspiracy theories, lets get to the main thing which are the power rankings.

First on my list is Jason Patt of dropping the Hawks a little to #15 and noticing that maybe the injuries are starting to catch up to us.

The Hawks' injuries may finally be starting to catch up to them. Atlanta has lost three in a row, with a three-game roadie against three East playoff teams staring them in the face. At least Kyle Korver still has his three-point streak going.

John Schumann of drops the Hawks to #14 and actually mentions Jeff Teague's struggles.

The Hawks have a top-10 defense since Al Horford's injury, but have also had some stinkers offensively (see Saturday vs. Memphis). Nobody misses Horford more than Jeff Teague, over his last 16 games. The Atlanta offense has been over 10 points per 100 possessions better with Teague off the floor (109.9) than it's been with him on (99.2) over that stretch.

Marc Stein of drops Atlanta to #17 and mentions our troubles on the road.

The Hawks can live with finally losing one to Indy after 12 straight home wins over the Pacers. The bigger worry is their 1-7 mark in road games against Western Conference teams after falling in New Orleans ... with a rough five-game swing through the West looming at the start of March.

Matt Moore of only drops us two spots to #15 and mentions despite injuries, the team remains competitive... very Spurs like.

You know how the Spurs are always competitive when they rest most of their A-guys? The Hawks under Mike Budenholzer are like if that was actually the team, plus Paul Millsap.

Matt Dollinger drops the Hawks to #18 in this weeks ranking for

The Hawks lost three games by a combined 12 points last week. Luckily for them, the Eastern Conference is a lot more forgiving than these Power Rankings.

Jimmy Spencer of manages to move the Hawks up two spots in this week's ranking. Thank you Hawks social media.

The Atlanta Hawks sure know how to brag. Check their Facebook page and you'll see: "Just thought we'd remind you who the NBA's three-point shooting leader is..." Spoiler alert: it's Kyle Korver.

Marc J Spears of Yahoo Sports moves the Hawks down only one spot to #13 and mentions that Paul Millsap is probably the most unknown All-Star this year

Although Toronto's DeMar DeRozan is rarely shown on TV in the States, the least-heralded All-Star on Sunday is likely Atlanta's Paul Millsap.

Kurt Helin of drops the Hawks to #15 and notices that our next 10 of 13 games will be on the road.

They have lost three in a row and 10 of their next 13 are on the road (including the Bulls and Raptors this week). The Hawks continue to play solid defense but their offense in the post-Al Horford era is a mess.

Finally, keeps the Hawks at #13 and mentions that we seem to stay afloat despite all the injuries.

Mike Budenholzer was a Gregg Popovich disciple, so he knows how to deal with injuries.

Well that does it for this week's ranking. The Hawks manage to stay in the mid-teens despite dropping three straight games. It's interesting to see that some of the rankings come from those writers impressed that we haven't bombed due to injuries. Hopefully the Hawks can look to improve this week before the break and use the weekend to recover. Anyway as always let me know what you guys think of the rankings in the comment selection.