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Nominate your favorite play for this week's Crown Royal 'Reign On' Play of the Week

It's that time again. Time to submit nominations for this week's Crown Royal Reign On Play of the Week.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Got a favorite play from the last week? Then submit it and maybe it will be selected as this week's Play of the Week as part of Crown Royal's #ReignOn program.

Nominations may come from last Tuesday's matchup with the Pacers, Wednesday's trip to New Orleans or Saturday's home loss to the Grizzlies.

We will take submissions in the comments section of this post in addition to on Twitter or via our Facebook page. If you remember the play but don't have a link to the video, don't worry! Nominate it anyway and we will run down the footage for you.

As always we reserve the right to break ties via coin flip, drawing straws or whatever method seems most appropriate. So grab for glory and become this week's winning nominee for the Crown Royal Reign On Play of the Week!