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2014-15 NBA Power Rankings: Warriors back on top

Another week is in the books and this is where I rank the NBA teams.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

1.      Golden State Warriors: Maybe Mark Jackson was the problem.

2.      San Antonio Spurs: Breaking News: The Spurs are a good basketball team.

3.      Houston Rockets: So without Howard in the lineup, there is actually real life footage of James Harden playing good defense.

4.      Memphis Grizzlies: When this team drafted Gasol, I am sure they were not expecting this.

5.      Los Angeles Clippers: The Clippers might have the most low key winning streak.

6.      Portland Trail Blazers: And people say the Hawks picked up wins against bad teams. This team is still impressive but check their schedule this past week.

7.      Cleveland Cavaliers: So apparently the Cavs are shopping Waiters, and what do you know they start to become good.

8.     Dallas MavericksMonta Ellis have it all.....Monta Ellis may have traveled on that game winner, but Monta Ellis have it all.

9.      Atlanta Hawks: Yes we may not have had the hardest schedule, but guess what we beat the teams we were supposed to (some ending in blowouts) and I didn't hear that complaining when the Grizzlies and Wizards were ranked so high.

10.  Toronto Raptors: You think this team misses Derozan? Getting beat by the Lakers last week makes me think so.

11.   Washington Wizards: Was going to put them higher, but a loss to the Celtics drop them for me.

12.  Phoenix Suns: I like the point guards, its just I wonder how you will accommodate all three of them as the season goes along?

13.  Chicago Bulls: Maybe the Bulls aren't as great as we thought they would be. Is beating them still considered impressive?

14.  Milwaukee Bucks: So maybe we should consider that Jason Kidd is a good coach.  He took Larry Drew's team and made it better.

15.   New Orleans Pelicans: I still don't understand this team, but the only piece on this roster that works is Anthony Freaking Davis.

16.  Oklahoma City Thunder: Westbrook may have had the greatest dunk of the month, also that ending to the Pistons/Thunder game was.......interesting.

17.   Miami Heat: I remember a time when lots of people though Norris Cole was better than Kyrie Irving. Times have changed.

18.  Sacramento Kings: Talk about a team falling off...

19.  Orlando Magic: Congrats, you aren't the worst team in the southeast division.

20. Boston Celtics: It amazes me of how bad this team is in the 4th quarter, but they did manage to hold on and beat the Wizards.  Take that Paul Pierce.

21.  Brooklyn Nets: So remember when I mentioned this team could only be good only because a lot of "ifs"? Yeah that hasn't happened.

22. Denver Nuggets: You know who hates Nate Robinson more than Hawks fans? Nuggets fans.

23. Indiana Pacers: Couple of tough losses but with this roster, Vogel should win coach of the year.

24. Los Angeles Lakers: Kobe refuses to let this ship sink which makes this team so exciting to watch.

25.  Charlotte Hornets:  There is a problem with this team and yeah Lance may be the issue. But congrats, they got a win against a team worse than them on the ranking.

26. Utah Jazz: Ouch injuries hasn't helped this young team at all this week.

27.  New York Knicks: Remember when we assumed the triangle would instantly make this team good? Good times.


29. Minnesota Timberwolves: Not having Rubio really hurts, especially when giving up a win to the team trying to lose every game.

30. Detroit Pistons: I was so wrong about thinking Stan Van could get through to this team.  The Pistons are officially the worst team in the NBA at the moment. Also let's all have a moment for the Pistons fans that witnessed that final play by Brandon Jennings and Josh Smith against the Thunder.