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Atlanta Hawks recall Mike Muscala and John Jenkins

Weekends, good friends, good basketball. Now back to the ATL.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Muscala and John Jenkins were recalled from Fort Wayne, where no doubt the residents will miss those young Hawks' wacky brand of humor, vaudeville and basketball.

Coach Bud made the announcement that the duo were coming back after Jenkins had spent five games down there and Muscala two over the weekend.

Jenkins averaged 19.4 points and nearly four rebounds per game while stinging the nets for 59.4% FG while Muscala averaged 13.5 points and 9 rebounds and besting Jenkins in FG% by shooting 62.5%. Score one for Bucknell over the SEC!

In his last game, Mike also added three blocks and two assists and when given the time shows the effective rotational big he can be in the league. Jenkins' stint shows that the summer league sluggishness against minor competition has passed as he scored those 19+ points in a little over 23 minutes per game.

It's another example of the excellent use the Hawks are getting out of the D-League and some validation that these guys can ring up some big numbers in the minors given the playing time.

They are available for the Hawks, if needed, for tonight's game against the Pacers.

Information provided by the Atlanta Hawks via press release