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New Years' Resolution for Everyday Ballers

One New Year resolution that ballers everywhere should adopt.

Paul Millsap being introduced before playing The Bulls
Paul Millsap being introduced before playing The Bulls
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The new year is right around the corner, and so is the mental list of things we all would like to do better.  Getting in shape and saving money are probably on everyone's list, but matching probably isn't.  Whether or not matching is on your list, it needs to be.  The majority of basketball culture does not know how to match their athletic apparel, and this is bringing a bad name to our game.

There two different ways to match, and if you do both, your outfit is definitely worth 6 out of 5 stars (if you can give that to someone wearing performance gear).  People who do not match their athletic outfits get anywhere from 0 to 2.5 stars, depending on whether or not they brushed their teeth.

The first step is colors.  This always takes priority.  Colors must always match and by match, I mean limit yourself to three colors; your body isn't a carnival ride.  Does this mean wear four different shades of green? Well, maybe if you are trying to become a leprechaun.  But, the leprechaun fad died with the reign of the Celtics.

Brand matching is the second kind of matching.  Don't even think about moving to this until your colors are in sync. Brand matching is making sure that all of your apparel belongs to the same brand.  If you are going to wear multiple (no more than two) brands you have to make sure they do not fight.  Never wear Adidas and Nike at the same time, this is fashion suicide.  It is okay to wear Nike and Jordan, since this is a mother-daughter relationship.  However, if you wear Nike and Jordan, do not mix player lines.  For example, Kobe shoes and CP3 shorts:  "I have no preference, but really like Los Angeles".

From colors to brands, this needs to be fixed.  All it takes is a little extra thought and time in the mirror.  If you are still confused while putting on your kicks, socks, and shorts, just make sure at least two out of the three brands are the same and that you are not wearing four shades of the same color.