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NBA Power Rankings: A new number one, Hawks go streaking

The Atlanta Hawks continue to climb up the rankings while a different Western Conference team assumes the top spot in this week's Peachtree Hoops' NBA Power Rankings.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

1.       Portland Trail Blazers: Damian Lillard feels no pressure and Lamarcus Aldridge is still amazing.  Even without Lopez, this team is amazing.  Now the thing I still worry about is the depth of the team but for now they are number 1.

2.      Golden State Warriors: They are probably still the best team in the West, but I had to drop them since they lost a game to Memphis this week.

3.      Atlanta Hawks: I am drinking the Kool-aide.  As of now, this is the best team in the East even with Teague out with an injury.  I thought going 2-3 over the next 5 games would be a huge success.  So far we are 3-0 in this 8 game gauntlet of pain. Needless to say, these recent wins have been incredibly surprising.

4.      Dallas Mavericks: So I heard they acquired a decent player last week.  Let's see how long it will take to integrate Rondo to the team.

5.      Chicago Bulls: So will we ever see the whole team healthy and playing at the same time?

6.      Memphis Grizzlies: The Marc Gasol three pointer was just amazing and Conley has somehow became one of the best point guards in the league. Oh and then they go and drop two games.

7.      Toronto Raptors: I am sure no one will mention how easy their schedule has been recently.

8.     San Antonio Spurs: Outside of the Bucks, these fans and players have probably had the most heartbreaking week. They played Orlando, Detroit, Brooklyn, and the New York Knicks this past week.

9.      Los Angeles ClippersChris Paul is low key having an amazing season. I mean even good for Chris Paul.

10.  Cleveland Cavaliers: And just as they were getting things together, they get blown out a home to an injured Hawks team.  No matter, they got 2 more wins after that embarrassing loss.

11.   Washington Wizards:   The only loss this week came from a team that with a winning record. All other wins came against teams with a sub .500 record.

12.  Houston Rockets: It seems the Rockets suffered their first loss at home to an Eastern conference team.

13.  New Orleans Pelicans: Outside of the blowout to the Trailblazers, solid week.

14.  Oklahoma City Thunder: It seems like we had Durant for less than a week before he got hurt again.

15.   Phoenix Suns: I was going to drop them, but beating the Wizards on the road will keep me from doing that.

16.  Milwaukee Bucks: No joke, I feel sorry for Jabrari.

17.   Denver Nuggets: So Gallo is out again. One day I need to stop thinking he will get me fantasy points.

18.  Indiana Pacers: Please Indy, make the playoffs over Brooklyn. I beg of you.

19.  Boston Celtics: So they finally traded Rondo which has been the most talked about trade for the past few years.

20. Sacramento Kings: So Boogie is back and they are still in coaching limbo. Alright, they have the competition right where they want them.

21.  Charlotte Hornets: So the Hornets looked really good when Lance was out with an injury. I am sure no controversy will come from this.

22. Utah Jazz: It's fun to watch a team and coach that is coming from the Coach Bud coaching tree.

23. Miami Heat: Remember when we were supposed to think this team would win the division? It's looking rough this week.

24. Los Angeles Lakers: So the Kobe System shot 8 for 30 and had 9 turnovers? Welp that is a way to get the scoring title.

25.  Brooklyn Nets: Why can't you guys just lose and get in the lottery? Do something good for Atlanta.

26. Detroit Pistons: It's good to see highly paid bench player Jodie Meeks finally back on the court, sadly that airball to end the game vs. the Nets is not what Hawks fans and Pistons fans wanted.

27.  Orlando Magic: Why must you beat the Hawks then get beat by Philly? WHY!??

28. New York Knicks:  So did you know the Knicks have more losses than Tankadelphia?

29. Philadelphia 76ers: So in the past week or so, the 76ers beat the Magic, who beat the Hawks. Therefore Philly is playoffbound!

30. Minnesota Timberwolves: Despite being dead last, they have a shot at having Wiggins for Rookie of the Year.