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NBA Power Rankings: Where are the Hawks after a 3-1 week?

After a fairly successful week, the Hawks look to move up the rankings from across the nation.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

After a successful 3-1 week, the Hawks look to move up in the rankings.  The team seems to have come together more on both the offense and defensive side of the ball.  Jeff has played like he deserves some consideration for the all-star game and Al is slowly returning to form.  I am excited to see the team continue to improve, but for now lets get to the power rankings.

To start things off, Drew Garrison of moves the Hawks up to #14.

It was a solid week for Atlanta, as it went 3-1 while beating the teal off of the Hornets' jerseys. The Hawks are right in the middle of our power rankings, a familiar place for this franchise.

John Schuhmann of also puts the Hawks at #14 and takes note of those that are playing well.

Interior defense remains a concern, but the Hawks' offense is humming along, with Jeff Teague looking like an All-Star, Dennis Schroder playing more consistently, Kyle Korver being Kyle Korver, and DeMarre Carroll adding some shooting of his own. His effective field goal percentage has jumped from 49 percent to 57 percent in the last two years.

Marc Stein of moves the Hawks up to #14 and makes a mention of the revenge game against the Hornets.

I'd say the Hawks got their revenge for that game-winning triple Lance Stephenson banked in at the OT buzzer on Nov. 7. Saturday's 30-point undressing of the Hornets, combined with Jeff Teague's 21.3 PER and Kyle Korver's 55.3 percent shooting from deep, gives Atlanta some shiny numbers to stare at.

Marc J. Spears of Yahoo Sports moves the Hawks up #12 and gives me a stat that surprises me a little bit.

The Hawks are the NBA’s best fourth-quarter scoring team, averaging 27.5 points, and have scored at least 30 fourth-quarter points five times.

Matt Dollinger of makes my favorite ranking of the week and drops the Hawks to #15 and commenting of maybe the Hawks should start playing Dennis and Jeff together.

Dennis Schröder's Player Efficiency Rating has jumped from 5.8 last season to 19.8 this year but he's seeing just three more minutes per game. With Jeff Teague also having a career year, it might be time for the Hawks to take a page out of the Suns' playbook and play its two talented point guards together.

Matt More of also puts the Hawks at #12 and attempts to debate with himself of what he thinks of the Hawks.

I'm not falling for it, Atlanta. Do you hear me?! I'm not getting sucked in by your "efficient, versatile, well-run offense" and "when we defend, we look terrific" wiles. I will not fall for you as a top 10 team, not even after winning four of five including wins over the Wizards and Pelicans.

And finally, Kurt Helin of moves the Hawks to yes, #14 and takes notice of the play of Jeff Teague.

They are 7-3 in their last 10 games and we need to point out again that Jeff Teague is playing fantastic ball this season, getting the Hawks offense humming. It’s a crowded position but he’s playing like a guy who has to be considered for the All-Star Game.

That does it for the rankings this week and we see the Hawks move up for the most part across the board.  The Hawks will have another tough test this upcoming week and hopefully.  Anyway let me know what you guys think of the rankings this week in the comments below.