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2014-15 NBA Power Rankings: Warriors still on top, Rockets, Grizzlies right behind

The Golden State Warriors remain on top in this week's edition of the Peachtree Hoops Power Rankings but the Memphis Grizzlies and Houston Rockets remain close.

Derick E Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

1.      Golden State Warriors: So I think for fun the Warriors should be entered as the West's All-Star team.

2.      Houston Rockets: The Rockets might be better than I thought.

3.      Memphis Grizzlies: They almost lost to Philly, but they refused to do so.

4.      Portland Trail Blazers: Easily the best contender that still managed to lose a game to the T-Wolves.

5.      San Antonio Spurs: Do you think the Spurs are worried that they lost to the Lakes? Me neither.

6.      Los Angeles Clippers: The Clippers seem to be flying under the radar despite being darn good.

7.      Dallas Mavericks: So I heard an interesting statement that compared the Mavericks to a soccer team.  Now that I watch, this might actually be true.

8.     Washington Wizards: So John Wall is starting to turn into what many thought he would be, which scares me since he is in the division.

9.    Atlanta Hawks: The winning streak was nice, but get ready for the gauntlet of pain!

10.  Chicago Bulls: So are the Bulls as good as we thought they are? It will interesting to watch them going forward.

11.   Cleveland Cavaliers: Slowly but surely they are starting to get things going, which is scary.

12.  Toronto Raptors: So I think they miss Derozan

13.  Oklahoma City Thunder: I hate to play this team when Durant comes off his pain meds.

14.  Milwaukee Bucks: This is my favorite, weirdest team ever.

15.   New Orleans Pelicans: So did they beat the Cavs without Anthony Davis or did I read that wrong?

16.  Orlando Magic: I will be okay with that buzzer beater as long as they make the playoffs.

17.   Miami Heat: Yeesh injuries may kick this team out of the playoffs. Then again they play in the east so there is a chance.

18.  Los Angeles Lakers: I think they are not as bad as I thought they are.

19.  Phoenix Suns: So are they starting to have regrets with signing Isiah Thomas?

20. Sacramento Kings: Wait they did what to their coach? And then there is rumor of bringing in Vinny Del Negro?

21.  Brooklyn Nets: I thought this team was dead, and then they beat down the Hornets.

22. Utah Jazz: They are young and learning, so that's a positive thing.

23. Denver Nuggets: I'm still trying to get over that I watched Ty Lawson practically play the whole game. Hey atleast they are fighting.

24. Detroit Pistons: Congrats Pistons, you are not the worst team in the League this week.

25.  Charlotte Hornets: Tough week for MJ. He got passed up by Kobe and he is wondering if he made the wrong decision with signing Lance......and to a lesser extent Marvin.

26. Indiana Pacers: How funny would it be if they got Lance back and a draft pick?

27.  Boston Celtics: This has been a rough week for Boston when it came to closing out games.

28. Minnesota Timberwolves: It's not every day the Wolves can set a record, unfortunately it was Kobe's record that was set against them.

29. New York Knicks: So I hear that Melo is starting to have regrets.

30. Philadelphia 76ers: Well it was fun while it lasted, but congrats your back at the bottom.

That does it, let me know what you think and let me know where you would switch around the ranking.