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Mike Muscala makes most of opportunity in win over 76ers

With Mike Scott out, Mike Muscala stepped into the Atlanta Hawks' rotation Wednesday night and made the most of his opportunity.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

With Mike Scott out due to flu-like symptoms on Wednesday night, Mike Budenholzer turned to Mike Muscala for some valuable minutes off the bench and he responded with a solid performance. Muscala played 19 minutes against the Sixers and finished with 12 points, seven rebounds and three assists while going 6-8 from the field.

When asked about Muscala's performance after the game, head coach MIke Budenholzer complimented his activity and the energy he brings to the court.

"His length is always something that stands out every time Mike gets to play. He affects the game on the defensive end, at the rim. He alters shots, blocks shots. On the boards, defensively and offensively, he has a presence. Tonight he made a few shots, reacted well to situations. The game slowed down for him a little bit tonight. Playing in the D-League for a couple of games was good for him. There's nothing like getting game action. It prepares you for when you get an opportunity to play."

After a solid showing in summer league and the preseason, its been tough to find consistent minutes for Muscala during the regular season. He has played in just seven games this season and did a quick two-game stint in the D-League last week just to get him some time on the court. He talked about Wednesday's performance after the game and how he is just trying to stay ready for when his turn to play comes.

"It felt good, I didn't know what to expect. I just have to be ready every day, and do what the team asks of me. I'm just getting used to the system. When I signed last year, I wasn't used to the system. I've grown a lot since then. Being here over the summer helped me too."

Muscala is in a tough spot with several more experienced players in front of him in the rotation. However, the best way to earn minutes is to perform well when opportunities do come and he was able to that on Wednesday night.