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NBA Power Rankings Round Up: Hawks still in the middle of most rankings

We roundup all of this week's assorted Power Rankings to see how the Atlanta Hawks stack up against the rest of the NBA.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA season is here and after only a few games, power rankings from around the web are coming in.  With the limited amount of  games being played it is tough to rank how well teams have done.  Anyway lets get started with this weeks Rankings.

Drew Garrison of has the Hawks at #15 after taking note of our offense.

Kyle Korver has hit eight of his 10 three-point attempts on the year and the Hawks are currently the top three-point shooting team in the NBA. No, Korver won't shoot 80 percent through the season, but Mike Scott, Jeff Teague and DeMarre Carroll are all shooting at least 40 percent from deep. Partner sharpshooting with Al Horford and Paul Millsap handling inside duties, and the Hawks may have themselves a very good offense this season.

Next Schuhmann of drops the Hawks to #19 and makes mention of our rebounding woes.

The Hawks are playing a lot of games within the conference in the first month, so we're going to get an early look at where they stand in the East's hierarchy. Right now, they're somewhere between the Raptors and Pacers. The shooting is there, but the rebounding is not. They allowed 27 offensive rebounds and 50 second-chance points in two games.

Marc Stein of moves the Hawks up a spot to #14 and talks about the greatness of Kyle Korver and his shooting.

That Team USA elected not to take him to Spain doesn't appear to have thrown off Hawks sharpshooter Kyle Korver. He's off to a tidy 8-for-10 opening salvo from 3-point range for the Hawks, who also have to like the look of Al Horford's first two games' worth of comeback contributions.

Nest Matt Dollinger of has the Hawks at #21 and thinks in order for the Hawks to find success, then Jeff Teague needs to do really well this year.

The Hawks will go as far asJeff Teague can carry them. With a sturdy frontcourt and a slew of shooters around him, the table is set for Teague to earn his first All-Star selection.

Matt Moore of has the Hawks at #15 and mentions the tough schedule that the Hawks will have in the upcoming weeks.

The Hawks had a rough opener, having to travel to Toronto, then took care of the Pacers. They've got The Spurs, Hornets, and the Knicks twice before they hit a weak team in nine days. We'll find out about the Hawks pretty quickly.

Finally, Yahoo Sports has the Hawks at #16.

Injury-prone center Al Horford has started strong, averaging 16 points, 8.5 rebounds and 2.5 blocks.

Well that does it for the rankings this week. It seems that the Hawks are still right in the middle even after a couple games being played.  The upcoming week will be a great test for the Hawks to see where they stand early in the season.  Anyway discuss in the comments what you think of these rankings and whether or not you agree with what is written in the various websites.