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Peachtree Hoops NBA Power Rankings: A new No. 1

Just about every team has played only a few games, but that's enough for me to make a power ranking.

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

One week of the NBA season is in the books so lets take a look and see how the rankings have changed since I last made them.

  1. Golden State Warriors: Undefeated so far into this young season and they have a couple nice wins.  The Warriors get the top spot due to winning on the road.
  2. Miami Heat: With a pair of home wins against the projected top teams in the east this year, Miami is rewarded with a high ranking due to taking care of these teams at home.
  3. Memphis Grizzlies: Marc Gasol looked really good in the home opener and then went on the road to beat a couple of the teams in the east.  An undefeated record, convincing performance from the top player, and a road win gets this team a high ranking from me.
  4. San Antonio Spurs: After barely making it by with a win in the home opener, the Spurs drop a game to the Suns on the road.  Looking at the schedule they might start a nice run even if I look forward to the AD and Tim Duncan dual this weekend.
  5. Dallas Mavericks: After a tough loss to the Spurs, the Mavs took care of business in their home opener and on the road.
  6. Cleveland Cavaliers: Well the summer honeymoon seems to be over and the Cavs obviously need to work on some things after the home loss to the Knicks.  Still though a win in Chicago shows this is still a dangerous team.
  7. Los Angeles Clippers: It’s starting to come apparent that this team has trouble defending players on the wing and Matt Barnes probably is not the answer.
  8. Toronto Raptors: Before giving up a comeback at home to Atlanta, the team looks promising and probably the third or fourth best team in the east. You gotta won on the road and it seems they had some trouble in Miami
  9. Sacramento Kings: Could this be the dark horse team in the NBA and this years Phoenix Suns? Could I have been wrong in thinking that drafting Stauskas instead of Peyton was a bad idea despite not having a point guard at the time and young player Mclemore on the wing? Will Rudy Gay stay consistent? Well it’s early in the season but so far so good.
  10. Houston Rockets: Congratulations, you guys are undefeated in beating the Lakers, Jazz, and Celtics.  But seriously they beat the teams given to them on their schedule so good job.
  11. Chicago Bulls: Tell me if you’ve heard this one before, Derrick Rose got hurt and had to leave the game.  Looks like they didn’t need him in order to barely neat the T-Wolves.
  12. Phoenix Suns: A win against the Spurs is always a really good thing for a young team, but when you lose a game to the Jazz that’s not a good look.
  13. Portland Trailblazers: After a convincing win against the Russell Westbrook led Thunder, they drop 2 straight to the Kings and the Warriors.
  14. Washington Wizards: So Paul Pierce getting ejected 3 games into the regular season is a thing. His farewell tour is starting off wonderfully.
  15. Atlanta Hawks: Don’t look now but Jeffrey Demarco Teague is 6th in the NBA PER with a rating of 30.9 and 4th in the NBA with 3 steals Per Game. Early season rating are always fun
  16. Oklahoma City Thunder: Well this might be a hard team for me to watch now the Durant and Westbrook will be out. With how tough the West is, it will be interesting to see if where in the playoff race they will land.
  17. New York Knicks: Gotta say, the win against the Cavs was pretty nice even if they did give up on the much hyped Triangle Offense in less than a quarter.
  18. New Orleans Pelicans: Anthony Davis is fun and is still putting up video game numbers.  Oh yeah but by far the best thing about watching this team is that they will actually put out a Jimmer, Rivers, and John Salmons lineup. Get your popcorn ready!
  19. Brooklyn Nets: You can’t get blown out by the Celtics and expect me to move you up.
  20. Charlotte Hornets: The summer and the preseason looked promising for this squad. Kemba got a new deal and they managed to bring in Lance. To bad they need a buzzer beater in overtime in order to beat the Bucks and jeez, they let Amare Stoudemire get a double double in a loss? Also, I think Adam Silver needs to give this team a 1-3 record after that Michael Jordan selfie…ugh
  21. Denver Nuggets: The Josh Smith, Kenneth Faried Rivalry is probably the oddest rivalry that I have heard of. I mean you trash talk a guy that shot the team out of the game, yet he scored 25  points on you. IDK but atleast it looks like Brian Shaw and Faried are finally getting along.
  22. Utah Jazz: This team is young and still finding its way.  It hurts that a three games have been against high quality teams in the West.  Hopefully the win against Phoenix is a confidence booster.
  23. Indiana Pacers: In the opener, the winner of the crap fest between the 76ers and the Pacers went to the Pacers.  Although after 3 games it seems that Frank Vogel is keeping this team together given the circumstances.  I mean they only lost by 10 to both the Grizzlies and Atlanta.
  24. Boston Celtics: After the shocking win against the Nets, the Celtics drop a game on the road.  Oh yeah and Rondo is still good and only driving up his trade stock.
  25. Minnesota Timberwolves: DUNKKKKSSSSSSSSS…….oh wait that’s not happening? Well get LaVine and Wiggins on the floor and let me be entertained.
  26. Detroit Pistons: This year could have started out better for the Pistons. Hopefully with Monroe returning they can get things turned around.  My question which of the two will be coming off the bench in a month, Josh or Greg?
  27. Milwaukee Bucks: It would have been a big confidence booster for the Bucks had they won the game in Charlotte. Also, maybe Jason Kidd is a better coach than many give him credit for.
  28. Orlando Magic: Seriously though, I am looking forward between the magic and the 76ers coming up on Wednesday.
  29. Los Angeles Lakers: We knew this team was going to be bad, but I am even surprised that they found a way to be worse than I originally thought.
  30. Philadelphia 76ers: *Break Time* So I had a fun time at the game and the only regret that I have was that I was unable to get the long sleeve Hustle Gang inspired Hawks shirt. DEAR ATLANTA HAWKS, IF YOU’R READING THIS PLEASE STOCK SOME MORE WHEN I COME TO THE GAME SATURDAY VS. THE KNICKS! Anyway the 3-D floor visual looked really neat and part of me was fearing that it would look like some cheap power point presentation.

Let me know what you like and dislike about my rankings.  Should a certain team have been ranked much higher than where I ranked them or not?