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2014-15 NBA Power Rankings: Grizzlies take over the top spot

For the second straight week, we have a new team at the top of the rankings.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

1.       Memphis Grizzlies: It really confuses me that a team in Tennessee is considered the West, but hey they are the best looking team in the west this week and are the new #1 on my list.

2.       Toronto Raptors: Easily the best looking team in the East so far.

3.       Portland Trail Blazers: 7 game win streak is always impressive.

4.       Golden State Warriors: Impressive week and still an impressive season but they are only #4 due to who they played this week.

5.       Dallas Mavericks: Every time I watch Dirk I am amazed that the guy is still dominating at his age.

6.       San Antonio Spurs: Tell me if you've heard this before. The Spurs are a good basketball team

7.       Washington Wizards: They have probably had the lightest schedule in the east so far, but they have beaten the teams given to them.

8.       Sacramento Kings:  I have no idea what to make of this team but I am enjoying the ride.

9.       Chicago Bulls: During my fantasy draft I talked myself into drafting Rose. He is good when he plays........when he plays.

10.   Los Angeles Clippers:  So I really tried to think of something else to comment on besides the need for a SF, but this team needs a SF.

11.   Houston Rockets: I think I saw James Harden playing defense this week.  Going to need it if D12 is out for some time.

12.   New Orleans Pelicans: Anthony Davis needs to be made into a movie. Or Vice Versa

13.   Phoenix Suns: Isiah Thomas would've been my favorite player when I was in middle school. Oh yeah and they had an undefeated week.

14.   Miami Heat: Heat fans everywhere are happy the Mario Chalmers is steadily bringing up his trade stock.

15.   Atlanta Hawks: Difficult to figure out where to put the Hawks after only playing 2 games this week and after seeing two different teams on the floor this week.

16.   Milwaukee Bucks: This team is quietly becoming the best defensive team in the league and the name Brandon Knight is no longer considered a joke.

17.   Utah Jazz: The lone win came against OKC at home, but the team is still improving.

18.   Indiana Pacers: Vogel is a heck of a coach. Mostly because I am shocked they have 5 wins and one win this week came against the Bulls.

19.   Cleveland Cavaliers:  Tough winless week, but the losses did come against some decent competition. Sill in a weekly power ranking I have to drop you.

20.   Denver Nuggets: Congrats Denver, because of your good week you gave me a headache trying to figure out the ranking this week.

21.   Orlando Magic: Okay what exactly is Elfrid Peyton's hair? It looks like something I saw at the Ga. Aquarium.

22.   Brooklyn Nets: So Andrei kirilenko isn't working out? I fully expect the Nets to trade away a draft pick to get rid of him....

23.   Boston Celtics: The thing I like about the Celtics is that no matter the team, they play them tough.

24.   Oklahoma City Thunder: So Westbrook and Durant have returned to practice.  Hopefully the team will become fun again.........and the Hawks play them before they return.

25.   Los Angeles Lakers: I can't believe that Swaggy P is one of the greatest nicknames of this generation.  Also I can't believe that I call a grown man Swaggy p.

26.   Charlotte Hornets: At what point do we worry about the future "core" of this team.  Kemba is inefficient, Lance is a headache, Marvin shouldn't be playing PF, and Jefferson's defense is getting exposed again.

27.   Minnesota Timberwolves: Is Rubio back? Oh he isn't *goes back to sleep*

28.   Detroit Pistons: It's amazing that SVG hasn't had a stroke yet after coaching this team.  Drummond is such a great player but man outside of 5 feet from the basket, he is very Bizmack Biyombo-ish

29.   New York Knicks: So it's funny that the 76ers first possible win was supposed to be against the Knicks.

30.   Philadelphia 76ers:  Same result just a different week.

That does it for my ranking this week. Let me know where I messed up and what you would have changed.