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2014-15 NBA Power Rankings: A new No. 1

This week's power rankings is back and with it is a brand new team in the top slot.

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

Disclaimer: The ranking for this set of PTH power rankings cutoff date is Sunday.

1.       Houston Rockets: Dwight is so good and same with Harden.  Ariza is a great fit for this team and they get the #1 spot this week due to the #2 team taking a loss to the Spurs.

2.       Golden State Warriors: I would have kept them at #1, but the loss to the Spurs will drip you so slightly. Still though, this team is good.

3.       Memphis Grizzlies: Another solid week and another week where the Grizz are in the upper part of the ranking.

4.       San Antonio Spurs: I mean it's the Spurs, c'mon what do you want from me. Kawahi has looked a little rough but I feel he will bounce back.

5.       Cleveland Cavaliers: They are starting to see how to use Kevin love on offense.......about time.

6.       Portland Trailblazers: An undefeated week gets a good ranking from me; yes they played the Nuggets twice but UNDEFEATED WEEK!!!

7.       Toronto Raptors: The Raptors are another team that has had a light schedule, and it certainly helps that every game this week has been played at home.

8.       Washington Wizards: The Wizards have had a light schedule, matter of fact a very light schedule where they played the Pistons, Magic and the Pacers. Still though they have won the games they are supposed to despite

9.       Chicago Bulls: Its great to see that this team suddenly has offense. The defense is great and the offense has gotten so much better.

10.   Dallas Mavericks: The offense is sooo good, and yet the defense is the opposite.

11.   Los Angeles Clippers: So when did this team forget how to play defense? I mean I thought the team would be much better coming into the season. Chris Paul seems to have lost a little bit of his ability and my goodness they need a wing defender.

12.   Atlanta Hawks. I'm going full homer here. I move this team up because it is called Weekly power rankings and through the week the only team they lost to is in the top 5 of my ranking. Also fun fact the Hawks were 1-8 last year without Carroll in the lineup, so for the Hawks are 2-1.

13.   Sacramento Kings: Wait they lost 3 out of 4 teams in the past week? Well that will drop you in the weekly rankings.

14.   New Orleans Pelicans: Tough for me to rank them here and I really considered moving them up. Granted the wins were against some really weak teams they still move up because they didn't get a horrible loss.

15.   Phoenix Suns: Dragic! That is not how you perform on a contract year. Seriously man, you need to go talk to Trevor Ariza on this.

16.   Milwaukee Bucks: Credit to Jason Kidd, this team is playing solid defense and have managed to string together some wins.

17.   Indiana Pacers: Vogel is coaching like no other right now, and can move up on my list after getting a few wins this past week.

18.   Miami Heat: This  team was looking so good the past few weeks, then it looks like the combination of Chris Bosh falling down to earth and Wade sitting out has hurt them.

19.   Charlotte Hornets: The offense for this team is ugly. I mean I will need to see something to from them to know if they will actually make strides to get better on that end.

20.   Brooklyn Nets: Brook Lopez just doesn't seem to be positively responding to the new coach.

21.   Utah Jazz: Gordon Hayward is a legit player, he had a rough night in Atlanta but seriously the guy is legit.

22.   Boston Celtics: Rajon is reminding people that he is still an elite player. I mean this guy is so good it's not funny.  I mean he is making Olynyk of all people look good.

23.   Oklahoma City Thunder: Atleast they are trying. Good work and good effort.

24.   Orlando Magic: Orlando is my favorite bad team to watch. Hopefully Aaron Gordon will return soon soon.

25.   Detroit Pistons: At some point Drummond will get his offense together right? $100 says it will come against the Hawks.

26.   New York Knicks: JR Smith is an adventure, I will leave it at that.

27.   Denver Nuggets: This is probably the most disappointing team in the NBA.  Faried was supposed to be good, Ty Lawson just doesn't look like himself, and Gallo is the shadow of a shell of his former self.  We are also looking at how bad chemistry issues can be and well, Brian Shaw has had a rough time.

28.   Minnesota Timberwolves: This team has looked rough since the loss of Rubio. This looks like a team that could use an on-court leader.

29.   Los Angeles Lakers: This team is so bad, I mean I have no idea what to make what this team will do in the future.  They could develop Ed Davis but I am sure they won't pay him the money since he is not a star.  But hey at least you got Robert Sacre and this Tribute Here.

30.   Philadelphia 76ers: Seriously how are they still an NBA team? On a serious note I wonder what tanking goes for the players on team.

Let me know what you guys think of my ranking.  Did I mess it up too badly or does it seem about right?