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NBA Power Rankings: Warriors still on top

Power Rankings time! Who is falling and who is rising? Keep reading to find out.

Kevin C. Cox

It is still too early to make a definite ranking, but as more games are being played it is becoming a bit easier to make these rankings.  Remember this is a weekly power ranking, so all of the rankings are based on how a team performed during the week.

1.       Golden State Warriors: Still number one on the list and still looking good.

2.       Houston Rockets: Some good wins this week minus the loss to the team No. 1 on the list.

3.       Memphis Grizzlies: Looking good, and yet the first loss comes to the Bucks? Sure, why not.

4.       Toronto Raptors: This team is solid, although I would like to see how they against some of the better teams. The game against Chicago should tell us (if Rose returns).

5.       Miami Heat: Chris Bosh is loving it now that he is in the spotlight and no longer is receiving all those jokes about his game.

6.       Los Angeles Clippers: Not a bad week. A couple of close wins but a win is a win.

7.       Portland Trail Blazers: Another good week for the Trailblazers. They might be in for another solid week as they play three games at home.

8.       Sacramento Kings: Everyone's new favorite team, but I wonder how people will react when they find out they played a lighter schedule. Still, though, they are looking good.

9.       San Antonio Spurs: After a close game to the Hawks, the Spurs rested their players in a blowout loss and lost another one at home. Still, this team is dangerous.

10.   Chicago Bulls: Sooo, the rest of us NBA fans are waiting for Rose to fully return. Hopefully he stays healthy this week.

11.   Phoenix Suns: After a tough loss, they are the lone team to beat the Warriors.

12.   Dallas Mavericks: I think Dirk gets more fun to watch as he gets older.

13.   New Orleans Pelicans: Couple of solid wins and close games this week for the Pelicans. BTW have I mentioned I love what their home court floor looks like?

14.   Washington Wizards

15.   Cleveland Cavaliers: Well this has been a rough beginning of the year to one of the favorites in the east.

16.   Brooklyn Nets: Missing person Deron Williams seems to have found his way back onto a basketball court and winning player of the week.

17.   Atlanta Hawks: A few tough losses are nothing to get too upset with, but a loss is a loss and I have to drop them.

18.   Charlotte Hornets: C'mon, the Lakers? Really?

19.   Oklahoma City Thunder: Please Westbrook come back soon. The Thunder and my fantasy team need you.

20.   Utah Jazz: This team isn't making the playoffs. But I love what Quinn is doing with this young team

21.   Boston Celtics: This to me is a dangerous team that every night plays like they have nothing to lose. If they are hitting their jumpers then they can be tough, if not then they are the team we expected.

22.   Milwaukee Bucks: A loss to the Pistons is never good, but a win at home against Memphis is promising.

23.   Detroit Pistons: Hey Josh made his first three pointer of the season yesterday, that's something to be happy about right?

24.   New York Knicks: The Knicks need to take every single one of Melo's hats and burn them. Anyway I know the fans can't wait until Calderon returns.

25.   Orlando Magic:  Well they managed to beat the 76ers, so we can rest assured they aren't the worst team.

26.   Minnesota Timberwolves: I am still trying to see how this team beat Brooklyn on the road.

27.   Los Angeles Lakers: Congrats, you won a game and move up from not being the worst team in the West.....for now.

28.   Denver Nuggets: Teams are now coming to Denver just to have an altitude advantage against the home team.

29.   Indiana Pacers: Two losses to Washington has got to hurt. Okay but on a serious note this is my last week being nice due to the injuries they have gone through.

30.   Philadelphia 76ers:  KJ McDaniel's Y'ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOM!!!!! Oh yeah they still stink but BELIEVE IN KJ!!!

Let me know what you think of my rankings and what teams you would move up or down.