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Al Horford injury: Hawks' center takes part in full contact practice - (Updated)

Al Horford took part in full contact practice on Wednesday for the first time since suffering a torn pectoral muscle last season.

Kevin C. Cox

Al Horford continues to inch closer to a return to the court. Chris Vivlamore reports that Horford took part in full contact 5-on-5 drills on Wednesday and he is now waiting to see how his body responds to the added workload.

Horford is on the fast track to returning and if he feels ok on Thursday, then he could be all systems go from here on out. The original plan was for him to play in a couple of preseason games before being ready for the season opener. While the Hawks certainly want to play it safe with Horford, getting him back on the court is important so that he can get comfortable with himself as well as find a rhythm with his teammates.

Update - Kent Bazemore also took part in 5-on-5 drills