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Atlanta Hawks pick up Dennis Schröder's, but not John Jenkins' team option for next year.

The waiting is over.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Hawks picked up the team option of 2013 first-round draft pick and point guard Dennis Schroeder, Per Mark Deeks on Twitter.

There was a little question whether or not the Hawks would pick up the option but it makes sense that they would not cut bait on the on point guard so soon in his career. So far in his career, Schröder has struggled statistically, playing a bit too fast last season and now stacked behind Jeff Teague and Shelvin Mack, both of who have signed multi-year contracts with the team.

There will be more on this later, including something from our own salary cap expert hawksfanatic. He did offer a quick take on the news on Twitter himself:

He also commented on the other Hawk waiting to hear about his option, 2012 first round pick John Jenkins.

UPDATE: Mark Deeks rang back in on Twitter, speculating, as hawksfantatic does above, that Jenkins is not so lucky.

UPDATE (10:19PM): League source confirms to Peachtree Hoops that Dennis Schröder's option was picked up but John Jenkins'was not.

More to follow...