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Mike Scott discusses his emoji tattoos

I'm partial to the two dancing girls too. Mike gets it.

Andy Lyons

Us Atlanta Hawks fans have known about Mike Scott's emoji tattoos for months now, but as he slowly but surely has grown his collection, they're reaching national levels of attention. Things went through the roof during the playoff series vs. the Pacers.

As such, Mashable sat down and talked to Mike about his tattoos in general (over 20!), which emoji he likes best and more. The full conversation is right here, but below are some highlights.

When did you first get into the tat game and how many tattoos do you have total now?:

Scott: I started very late, honestly. My junior year in college. I didn't have my ears pierced or any tattoos — not until my later years of college. But I've honestly really stopped counting. I know people hate when you say that, but I really just stopped counting after college.

Do you get many comments on the court from other players?

Actually just the other day — Vince Carter. I have that lips emoji on my neck and he was asking me during the game if that was a specific lady's lips or whose lips or what. I said 'No, it's no one's lips. It's just the emoji lips.' ... [Laughs] I mean, I don't think he understood they were emojis. Obviously I didn't have time to sit there and explain the whole emoji thing in the middle of the game. I just told him, 'Nah, nah, it's no one's lips, and kept going with the game.

(What) about those two girls kind of dancing side by side? You have that one too, but that's a pretty rare emoji.

Yeah, I just like it. I got the two girls on one arm and then the lady in the red dress on the other. I guess you could say I got my girls on one side and then my mistress on the other side. [Laughs.]

Best part about the interview is Mike not feeling offended by Drake now having an emoji tattoo. Be sure to read the whole thing on Mashable.