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Pistons vs. Hawks game officially postponed; no make up date announced

The scheduled game between the Detroit Pistons and the Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday night has been officially postponed.

Kevin C. Cox

Heading into Wednesday morning, there was a significant chance that the game between the Atlanta Hawks and the Detroit Pistons would be postponed or cancelled. Later in the morning, word broke that it was the former.

The weather is, quite obviously, an incredible issue with regard to the entire city in addition to the simple logistics of the game. At last check, the Pistons were unable to travel to Atlanta, making the scheduled game nearly impossible, and with instruction by government leaders to stay off the roads, it would be borderline irresponsible to keep the game scheduled for Wednesday night.

It is important to note that the game has simply been postponed and not cancelled, and many have opined that the easiest rescheduled date would be Thursday evening. There are multiple issues with that plan, including that the Hawks would be on a back-to-back-to-back situation and the assumption that the roads would be cleared in time, but until there is official word, anything is speculation.

Stay tuned for official updates as they arise.