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Pistons vs Hawks preview: Snowy Atlanta hopes to host Detroit

The Atlanta Hawks are set to play the Detroit Pistons Wednesday night but weather conditions in and around the metro area may hamper that.

Chris Graythen

We don't get the opportunity to talk about weather very often around these parts but right now that is the most important factor leading into Wednesday night's game between the Atlanta Hawks and the Detroit Pistons.

Snow started falling in the Atlanta area Tuesday morning. Businesses and schools began closing in the early afternoon. The commute home began in earnest and is STILL going on this morning with motorists still stuck on the road in icy conditions. Its truly a dangerous situation for many people and with temperatures expected to be in or around freezing on Wednesday the situation isn't likely to improve much.

The Detroit Pistons defeated the Orlando Magic 103-87 at home on Tuesday but were unable to fly into Atlanta after the game. Its customary that teams fly out immediately following the game in back-to-back situations. Detroit will attempt to fly in on Wednesday but those plans could be hampered by getting the team from the airport to the arena.

In short, the situation is going to have to improve drastically it would seem for their to be a game tonight. We will be following the situation and will update as soon as we know more.