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The Crown Royal Reign On Play of the Week

You did it again! You went and searched through a week's worth of highlights and emerged with a triumphant Play of the Week!

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

As discussed previously, you spoke on Twitter, Facebook and on the site regarding what you thought was the Crown Royal Reign On Play of the Week.

After a spirited run by Paul Millsap's dunk and DeMarre Carroll's endless hustle, the Play of the Week was nominated by ATL Bruno, who was the first to put forth the never-gets-old highlight of Kyle Korver sealing the win on MLK Day over the Miami Heat.

Here now the highlight:

The highlight is short, sweet and teaches many lessons:

  • One, Kyle Korver is a trained basketball assassin and the #1 guy I would trust to take a 30 footer with my life hanging in the balance.
  • Two, you probably shouldn't leave a guy like that open, Miami. Just saying.
  • Three, beating the Heat is fun for the whole family, especially on MLK day.
  • Four, as the great Nuke LaLoosh once mused, "Winning, it's like, better than losing!" Amen to that.

As for ATL Bruno, his signature simply states, "Education consists mainly in what we have unlearned." He credits Mark Twain with that, but I am pretty sure Miley Cyrus said that first.

We don't know for sure, but we can surmise that ATL Bruno's interests include reading, writing and 'rithmetics. He also nominates a killer Play of the Week. Kudos to you, sir!