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The Crown Royal Reign On Play of the Week

Despite the limited possibilities, you came through with the Play of the Week!

There it is, Sir Paul, the Reign On Play of the Week
There it is, Sir Paul, the Reign On Play of the Week
Julian Finney

As discussed previously, you spoke on Twitter, Facebook and on the site regarding what you thought was the Crown Royal Reign On Play of the Week.

With only one game to choose from, and a bad, bad game at that, the variety was limited, but we all pressed on nonetheless, a testament to video highlighting everywhere.

Without further ado, the Play of the Week:

Nominated by emaster97 on the site yesterday, our play of the week was Paul Millsap's epic rejection of Paul Pierce.

Why that one? Because first, Paul Pierce deserves to have his shot thrown into the third row by everyone, every game. Second, because as wmcgee_va noted, after the opening tip, it was pretty much all downhill from there.

Special thanks to those Hawks fans who still lament Joe Johnson being gone from the team. You could have tossed a bunch of Joe-lights at us, and frankly, it would have been warranted thanks to his 735 point first half there in London, but you didn't because, unity, that's why.

So congrats, emaster97, for being the winning nomination. You are the envy of all those who have never been mentioned in this space before, and a first rate Hawks fan for noting the tiny silver lining in an otherwise garbage-tastic game. You are a better fan than I and I bow to you.

Thanks to all who nominated clips this week. Next Monday we'll have a much broader pool to choose from, including yesterday's epic win over the Miami Heat.