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Heat vs Hawks: Video highlights, Twitter reaction and the return of the Roll Call

Highlights, Twitter reaction and the return of the Peachtree Hoops Game Thread Roll Call!!

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Hawks grabbed a much needed 121-114 win over the Miami Heat on Monday. Here are the highlights. Remember to pick out your favorite and let us know for next week's Crown Royal Reign On Play of the Week.

Full highlights via NBACalifornia:

DeMarre finishes the break with a two-hand slam:

Kyle Korver extends three-point streak to 109 games with second quarter three:


Twitter Reaction

Shelvin Mack shows off his Black History Month Kicks on Instagram

The Return of the Peachtree Hoops Game Thread Roll Call:

# Commenter # Comments
1 Guantanamo Geronimo 97
2 Edwin G 87
3 Nique Fan 73
4 Throw 63
5 Windmill Philips 48
6 Mr. Ice 41
7 a hooter's baby 40
8 Bronn 29
9 -JRSIII- 20
10 etime89 15
11 crappybassist96 14
12 el_jefe550 13
13 the new Bradfather 13
14 Jeff_H 11
15 wmcgee_va 10
16 FreshSmith 7
17 Kris Willis 7
18 northcyde 6
19 RedRev 6
21 mkcele 1
22 ballislife24 1

Remember to be a part of the Reign On Play of the Week campaign you just need to let us know who had your favorite play. You don't need the video. We will start taking nominees every Monday with the winner posted on Tuesday. You can submit nominations via the comments section, Twitter or Facebook.