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NBA Power Rankings: Hawks fall after trip to London

After the one game this week which didn't have that great of a result, that Hawks look to hold onto being ranked in the teens. Let's take a look at where the Hawks are ranked this week.

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Hawks fans across the globe
Hawks fans across the globe
Julian Finney

The Hawks only managed to play one game this week in London and that one game we played didn't exactly make the Hawks look all that good. So I am expecting a slide in the rankings, but I am not sure how far the slide will be. Let's start things off with Jason Patt of ranking the Hawks at #17.

The Hawks played just one game last week, and it was across the pond in London. Unfortunately, the visit wasn't pleasant on the court for the Hawks, as they gave up 127 points to the Nets in a 17-point loss.

John Schuhmann of drops the Hawks to #18 and looks ahead to a very rough schedule.

The Hawks traveled a long way to get their butts kicked by the Nets, but at least they came home with Kyle Korver's streak intact, which was clearly a priority in garbage time. They've lost five of their last seven, but the London game was just their fourth double-digit loss of the season and their first since Thanksgiving. More might be coming with a rough schedule over the next eight days

Marc J. Spears of Yahoo Sports manages to only drop the Hawks to #13.

The Hawks who play host to Miami on Monday, currently have a nine-game losing streak against the Heat and have dropped seven straight against them in Atlanta.

Matt Moore of continues to confuse us readers, but he managed to move the Hawks up to #9 by complimenting the coaching.

They had to figure some stuff out, and when they started to, Al Horford went down. They're treading water, but Mike Budenholzer has them looking like a disciplined team at both ends.

Marc Stein of drops the Hawks to #15 but does love Horford for live tweeting the game.

Would normally express some sympathy for the Hawks when the schedule calls for home dates with Miami and San Antonio in the space of five days. But they just went to England without me! (Turning serious: Sincere props to the injured Al Horford for live-tweeting the game in London.)

Matt Dollinger of dropped the Hawks to #18 in his latest ranking.

A rare move to the starting lineup couldn't jump-start Lou Williams, who is shooting a career-low 37.1 percent and has gone eight straight games without scoring double digits for the first time since 2008.

Finally, the guys over at take notice of the honorary Chuck Twin himself, Mike "Mike Scott" Scott

Mike Scott might be the most efficient sixth man in the NBA, if not the best.

Well that does it for the rankings this week and as expected we dropped in most of the rankings. It's nice to see that some of the players besides Teague and Millsap are getting attention also its a good sign to see that our coach is getting recognized around the league. As always let me know of what you guys think in the comment section.