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Introducing the Reign On Play of the Week

Peachtree Hoops, the NBA and Crown Royal have partnered to offer our readers a chance to nominate a play of the week, with the winner featured in the post that highlights the play they nominated.

Crown Royal Canadian Whisky has entered into a partnership with the NBA, and Peachtree Hoops is proud to announce their participation in the first-ever Crown’s Center Court influencer program comprised of NBA specific team writers from across the nation.

Peachtree Hoops is kicking off the Reign On Play of the Week, where readers will nominate, via twitter and/or in the comments, their choice for the best Atlanta Hawks play of the week.

We'll create the post every Monday (like this one!) and also open the lines on Twitter on the official Peachtree Hoops twitter account (@peachtreehoops) and get reader feedback on what they thought was the Reign On play of the week.

The winning submission will be highlighted on the site, with the nominator(s) and will be posted the following Tuesday.

With one game last week, and it being a blow-out, the nominees are probably going to be few this week, but fire away anyway!

From Crown Royal:

With the 2013-2014 NBA season in full-swing, Crown Royal is not only looking to pro basketball teams and players that Reign On both on and off the court with greatness, but also to the fans who root for the teams and players day in and day out – those same fans who strive to Reign On in their own lives, in their own right every day.