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Hawks in London: Day Four

Interviews with Schröder, Antic, and Coach Bud, plus Nique being his awesome self.

Julian Finney

Well, the Hawks are back in the United States after the disappointing loss to the Nets, but that doesn't mean the whole trip was a bust! There are still some neat things to talk about from the last day they spent abroad.

First, we have some interviews with Dennis Schröder, Pero Antic, and Mike Budenholzer from practice. A HUGE thank you to The Lottery Mafia for letting us post them. Be sure to check our their great work.

Schröder talks about his experience as a rookie so far:

Schroder London interview mp3

Antic talks about football, team chemistry, moving to the NBA, and more:

Pero Antic London interview mp3

Twelve minutes of gold with Coach Bud:

Budenholzer London interview mp3

If you can't get the embedded mp3 to play, you can click the link, or right click to download.

In other news, before the Hawks headed home, legend Dominique Wilkins reenacted a pretty great picture from 1993: