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Mike Budenholzer on Jason Kidd: 'He's going to be a very impressive coach'

Mike Budenholzer was very complimentary of the job Jason Kidd has done with the Brooklyn Nets and thinks that he will develop into an impressive coach.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Kidd's season as the head coach of the Brooklyn Nets could be described as "rocky" at best. Still, things are looking up with the Nets having won five of their last six games. When asked about Kidd, Atlanta Hawks head coach Mike Budenholzer told Talk Basket's John Hobbs that he thinks Kidd will turn into a very impressive coach.

"He's shown he's going to be a very impressive coach in our league in my opinion," Budenhozler said. "He's been making decisions as a point guard and now he's making them as a coach."

Much has been written of the Nets struggles and Kidd's public and messy divorce with assistant coach Lawrence Frank. However, Kidd may also deserve credit for the Nets recent success which has once again come without the services of Deron Williams. Brooklyn is already battling the loss of Brook Lopez for the season. They won two straight with Williams and then three of four after he was sidelined due to yet another ankle injury.

Brooklyn won't have Williams on Thursday either but they didn't need him the first time around against the Hawks whom they defeated 91-86.

Budenholzer cites Kidd's success as a point guard for being optimistic that he can turn into a successful coach. The transition hasn't been a smooth one but there has been a number of opportunities for Kidd to learn from. Those adjustments he has made combined with getting some key players healthy has Brooklyn back trending upward.