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Hawks in London: Day One

Follow along as the Hawks travel abroad!

Kevin C. Cox

The Hawks started their trip to London by heading out last night. Before they left, they practiced their British accents in order to try to fit in.

I think Jeff Teague's was definitely the best. The guys also guessed the meaning of some British slang. The one for "collywobbles" featuring Jeff and Mike Scott dancing is by far my favorite:

The one for "minted" is pretty hysterical, too.

You can check out three others over at Hawks Basketblog. The guys also practiced some soccer (or should I say football?) movies in prep for the trip, which you can watch here. Now that we know they're fully prepped in how to be Brits, I bet they're having a blast. I can't wait to see what kind of shenanigans they get into while they're over there!