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NBA Draft 2014: Atlanta Hawks pick up Lamar Patterson (Updated)

The Atlanta Hawks have reportedly engineered a trade to move up to the 48th pick to secure the rights to Lamar Patterson.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

When the Atlanta Hawks selected center Walter Tavares with the 43rd overall pick, it appeared that the 2014 NBA Draft was in the books for the team. However, Danny Ferry and company had other plans, as they have reportedly acquired the rights to former Pittsburgh swingman Lamar Patterson.

Chad Ford of ESPN reports that Atlanta has shipped a future second round pick (unspecified year) in exchange for the 6-foot-5 Patterson, and this is an interesting play from the perspective of the Hawks. Tavares is almost certainly a draft-and-stash option, but Patterson fits a position of greater need for Atlanta on the wing, and he was a highly productive player during four years at Pittsburgh.

Patterson averaged north of 17 points per game as a senior, and he is considered to be a quality all-around player, especially given this late slot in the draft. Defense is the primary concern for Patterson at this stage, but the fact that he shot better than 38% from 3-point range last season coupled with the fact that he is, by all accounts, a quality passer makes him an intriguing option to monitor over the summer.

There is certainly a possibility that Lamar Patterson won't be appearing on the regular season roster for the 2014-2015 Atlanta Hawks, but this is a solid pick up from Danny Ferry and company.

"Lamar is a player that really knows how to play, he's smart and has a good feel for the game," Ferry said. "He's a good passer and fits well into our system."