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2013 NBA Power Rankings: Hawks check in at No. 12 in preseason rankings

Where do the Atlanta Hawks rank in the preseason power rankings? and tell us.

Paul Abell

Well guys here we are, October is approaching and training camp is right around the corner.  I know many of us can't wait for the new season to start because we finally get a chance to see what this new era in Hawks basketball is going to bring.  Well before we actually get to the preseason and training camps, lets see what and think about our 2013 Atlanta Hawks.

Matt Moore of puts it very simply when he ranks our Hawks at No. 12.

Can we please talk about how good Al Horford is, now? Please?

For how great of a player Horford is, it's a wonder that no one ever seems to talk about how good he actually is.  Anyway moving on Marc Stein of also puts us at No. 12 mentioning that this team is still solid.

For all our giddiness about how good the upper crust of the East can be this season, let's not get carried away. The East's No. 6, No. 7 and No. 8 seeds are up for grabs and the Hawks, just by signing Paul Millsap and Elton Brand on bargain deals to flank Al Horford, should still be a playoff team.

Well the season hasn't started yet and so we should to see more rankings int he future.  Overall I am actually kind of surprised that Atlanta was ranked as high as 12 in both of these rankings considering our that this is a completely new team and the lack of popularity or attention that this team has been getting during the summer.  As for now, I will take the ranking and eagerly await the future rankings that this team will receive.  Anyway let me know what you guys think, are you guys also surprised by the ranking or are we way too high on the list?

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