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Al Horford at No. 22 in's Top 100 NBA Players of 2014

Al Horford checks in at No. 22 in's Top 100 NBA Players of 2014.

Kevin C. Cox's The Point Forward continues its countdown of the Top 100 NBA Players for the 2014 season and Atlanta Hawks' center Al Horford checks in at No. 22.

No. 22 Al Horford

Versatility, thy name is Al Horford. The Hawks' big man may well be the league's least intrusive star - so astonishingly well-rounded that he blends seamlessly into any roster or system. He's either a power forward or a center, a facilitator or scorer, a post defender or a roving helper. Horford has already worn quite a few hats in his six seasons with the Hawks, but with Josh Smith's departure and Atlanta's reshaped roster, he's surely due to don a few more. That adjustment is no burden for a player of such varied skills. Horford simply shifts from one strength to another, ever in service of the greater good.

Rob Mahoney heaps a ton of praise on Horford and deservingly so. Horford saw more opportunities last season and recorded career highs in points (17.1) and rebounds (10.2) while maintaining an excellent all around game. With Josh Smith having moved on to Detroit, this is Horford's team and further improvement should be expected.

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