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Paul Millsap ranked No. 38 in's Top 100 of 2014 continues their countdown of the Top 100 players of 2014 and Atlanta Hawks forward Paul Millsap checks in at No. 38.

USA TODAY Sports's Rob Mahoney and Ben Golliver continue their countdown of the Top 100 players of 2014. Today No. 50-31 was released and Atlanta Hawks' forward Paul Millsap comes in at No. 38.

No. 38 Paul Millsap

Millsap had a rough time distinguishing himself among the glut of talented forwards in the Western Conference, but he still played at an All-Star level for three consecutive seasons. Only Josh Smith matched Millsap's per-minute production of points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks last season, across-the-board contributions that will make him a bargain for the Hawks on a newly signed two-year, $19 million contract.

Millsap's malleable game allowed him to thrive alongside Al Jefferson (one of the more difficult big men to complement because of his playing style and weaknesses) and without a consistently helpful point guard in Utah. He scores (17.2 per 36 minutes) without having plays drawn up for him, he is one of the best big men at moving without the ball and he has the kind of range, strength and scrappiness to fill a variety of roles. His consistently remarkable plus-minus ratings in Utah provide further evidence that his raw production and dirty-work offerings translate in a positive way.

Millsap was one of my favorite acquisitions of the offseason for many of the reasons pointed out above. He has flown under the radar throughout much of his career and should be able to slot in perfectly next to Al Horford with the Hawks. Millsap will be called upon to help replace Josh Smith who comes in at No. 34 in the countdown. While he is no where near the defender that Smith, Millsap's even play at both ends of the floor most likely will negate any loss. When you factor in Millsap's $19 million bargain of a contract then it just gets even better.

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